Log book : Day 1

Bristol 24, liveaboard, solo sailor girl

It’s a dog gone mess! The boat hasn’t been washed in years. She’s grown lichens everywhere. I’m like a gravedigger, resurrecting her from the dead.

Bristol 24 liveaboard, interior bristol 24

The boatyard is quiet but not desolate. The yard manager showed me the way to the bathrooms, showers, electricity, water. I don’t know if the water is good to drink but I drank it, and feel fine. I give him a bottle of wine to ensure future favors. I need to adjust the jack stands. She’s leaning down at the bow and water pools on the side decks, making deep cleaning impossible. My socks are wet.

interior bristol 24, liveaboard, cruising, solo sailor girl

The boat smells like the inside of a tent. Neoprene or fabric, rubbery. She’s so tired and forgotten over the years. I’ll scrub her harder but I think she may always looks gritty, and I’ll love her still in all her faded and stained gelcoat glory.


She’s not perfect. She’s not a Bristol Channel Cutter, or some custom sloop with fine wood work. She’s just your run of the mill production boat from 1976. And she’s mine.

lake champlain sailing

To think she’ll be floating one day soon. Just to think of it! Magic.


  1. Now the *real* adventure starts.

  2. Looking forward to reading your adventures! Chin up and remember the rewards – wind in her sails, dolphins at the bow, travel, new people to meet and places to see…..!!!

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement! Happy to have you along for the ride. Stoked about the adventure and all the emotions, good and bad, bound to come my way!! Cheers.

  3. Inch by inch, step by step – you will get her done, and I will enjoy watching!!!

  4. New boat looks awesome! New website looks awesome!

    • Thanks folks!!! We’re this much closer to you paying me in person that beer you owe me for that trivia question 😉

  5. Awww……She’s beautiful! What a sweetie!

    • lolol she sure is a cutie I reckon she’ll look even better in the water. Hey, Craig, your comments keep ending up in my spam folder. If you got to Akismet’s website there is a form you can fill out. Just look for “akismet is flagging me as spam” or something. Directly on there website do it!!

  6. My first thought was how cool it is that the boats on grass. All this time in my minds eye, I saw her sitting in a gravel lot. You should call the guy you bought it from and see how old the gas in the tanks is. (Just thinking out loud) Or if he stabilized it. Are you cold? Any way congrats, The long wait is over and your on your way.
    Be safe Captain, can’t wait to read the updates.

  7. Cheers to new beginnings captain! Can’t wait to climb on board the stinky vessel someday soon!

    • Thanks JL. Hopefully she smells a little fresher by the time I make it your neck of the woods!

  8. Brilliant stuff! I’m sure she’ll be smelling better in no time with a bit of a scrub and an air. Moving ever closer to the sea… x

  9. Yahoo! Congrats Emily – the journey to get here was worth the trudge I’m sure! Can’t wait read about the unfolding adventure before you.