A Brief Update!

Holy shit.

Someone made a thread commending the story on this blog about sailing the Dismal Swamp Canal and nine pages later people are still arguing about it!


I almost couldn’t get through all of it, but with persistence and focus I read the entire thread. My mind is blown that there are people who are so upset by the post and this blog and my basic existence that they feel compelled to write, and there are people who feel strongly enough to defend the post and this blog and my basic existence that they feel compelled to write.

I’m literally laughing. Not at anyone, but because I am simply tickled by it!

The comments range from downright creepy to inspiring. Like, women seldom make history and—yeah, those women end up dead or worse. Someone also commented about a recent post I wrote about my grandfather, saying they’d venture to guess I probably don’t know what he really thinks of me. I got a real kick out of that one.

Engineless circumnavigator Sean D’pagnier even joined in on defense, although I’ll probably tell him he is wasting his time with these people!

People went really bizarre and personal with their comments. It just shows we really live in a time where hate, and in this case sexism and people so angered by those trying to cut back on fossil fuels, is so pervasive.

A couple of years ago this would have really bothered me, though. I remember someone made a comment about how the shit I had on Vanu was like a homeless bag lady and being really sad. I was in the process of going hardcore minimalist and a refit when they said that, and went on to make Vanu a prime piece of real estate.

So, those people really can’t say shit.

No one can. There is no bad press. If you have haters, you’re doing something right as far as media is concerned.

And on a more philosophical level? What all those people have to say is more a reflection of themselves than of me. And there are even some nuggets of wisdom buried under there. So, give it a read if you want to join in on the fun!

Anyway I am tucked a way in the mountains a little while longer working on drafts for some magazine articles. Keep an eye out here for a post coming soon about an Herbal Medical Kit for Sailors, and don’t forget submissions are open for Heartwreck : Romantic Disasters at Sea. Heartwreck is a collection of short stories about romance gone wrong on and around boats. Submissions are open now until July. We are compensating writers! Check out the links!


  1. These phorums give me a stomachache…..
    Missed your musings and good to hear about the projects you are working on…. in the mountains with the grand people!
    Much love and Aloha from the not so Pacific Ocean

  2. Amazed how folks can get all riled up! (Ha ha!). The forum is more polite than Sailing Anarchy! (HA!)

    These older white men are so threatened by strong woman, or girls – ex, Greta Thunberg – is a statement about the shallowness and pigheaded conservatism of a few still living generations. Each year there are fewer of them and I hope those younger than me don’t repeat these errors as they gain greater influence.

  3. Miss ya sista

  4. Dear Emily, Glad to hear that you remain so very far ahead, and above those who are intimidated and/ or jealous of your accomplishments and dreams. Their genuine, insecure feelings about themselves do seem to surface when time is taken to be so critical.

    For the rest of us who continue to be inspired by your journey, thank you for being true to yourself, and sharing that journey.

  5. It always surprises me how people so easily criticize others on the internet. If they met you in person, I wonder if they would make the same remarks? My guess is no. Glad you are rising above and not letting it drag you down. Keep on doing your thing and providing inspiration to so many of us!