Dinghy Dreams

The inception of this mad idea began over a year ago and only now am I truly beginning to thwart off the self-induced skepticism that this dream might actually become a reality in the near future. I hate to say the things I’m going to do, preferring to report once I’ve done them, but I’m choosing to share these humble beginnings with you, small audience.20151113-DSC_3795

Perusing a bookstore in the University District of Seattle one week ago I drifted toward the sailing section. Don Casey’s book of Fiberglass Hull & Deck repair caught my eye, and I bought it. Cap’n Fatty Goodlander says to have a memento to remind yourself of your intent…

I’m 26 years old and I’ve just returned to my hometown by the sea to live with my parents so I can save a modest amount of money, with the intention to acquire a modest amount of sailboat. What will happen in between I’m not sure. If you can handle my modest amount of melodrama then join me as I chase my dinghy dream.

“Don’t look back, because someone might be chasing you.” -Tom Waits


  1. To think about it is already doing it.

  2. Go for it, Emily! You won’t regret it 🙂

  3. One day at a time. Cross one item off your to-do list at a time. Step by step. That’s how you make voyages happen.

  4. Thank you all, friends! I believe therefore I can achieve!!! Right!?!!? 😉

  5. Emily, I believe you will make it happen. Make sure you have fun along the way. 🙂

  6. Keep believing in your dream and there is no way that it wont come true. To make you feel better, you have a lot of time, I am 45 and I just bought my first sailboat (not to mention I dont have your experience by far), there is a lot of times that I chased “green horses on walls” as we say in my country, but you know something, you seem to have the right frame of mind. Keep believing, and when you feel you have a day when you doubt everything, just blame it on hormones and send me a word and I give you a full speech to get you back on track. 🙂