I’m scared

I don’t actually know anything about fixing boats. 20151127-DSC_4048I keep thinking about my future boat and picture this harrowing scenario: it doesn’t have an anchor (bow?) roller or  anywhere to store the anchor for easy access while underway and the only thing actually attaching the hook to my boat while anchored are a few wraps on a measly cleat. That can’t be! It’s blowin’ a gale! I can’t get the anchor up! 20150515-DSC_0958And what about installing a stronger holding mechanism (which probably has a proper name that I don’t know), because I don’t know the first or last thing about attaching a piece of hardware sturdily to the deck.


  1. The first time I set foot on a sailboat was just two years ago. I knew and still know nothing about boats, whatever boat it is, although now I know just a 0,000001 % more than two years ago. And I bet you know a whole lot more than I do! I bought my first sailboat like 6 weeks ago. First few days it felt overwhelming, like yes, what do I know about boats, or overall fixing things? what did I just do? did I take too much upon myself? Just take it one step at the time. Have the big picture, but then equally ignore it in an elegant way. Set small goals, and just focus on the next small task ahead, one at the time. You will learn as you go along. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Just try as much as possible not to get something beyond any decent repairing stage and whats the few things that are most important in a boat as security and stability. The thing is, we live in a time where 99% of your “how to fix this” questions will be somewhere on the internet. Ask questions and see how can advise and even help you. Nothing wrong with asking and searching. But be aware that most things will not go anyhow on how you plan them, be prepared to be flexible. I already learnt a lot of things I done wrong, or should have done different in the process of buying the boat, and then moving it to the marina where I keep her. I am still looking at her wondering where do I start? Should figure that one soon, hopefully sometimes this life time. What I know so far is that I will have pink cushions! Kidding!

  2. I can appreciate the scared feeling. I have it too sometimes. Fear can come from lack of experience, and the best way to overcome that is to get experience. You just have to live with the fear till you get it.

    I wouldn’t worry to much about the anchor right now. It’s best to put your efforts into what is front of you now.

    Please blog more about your boat. Do you own it? Can you sail it now? What sort of repairs do you think it needs?

    Congrats on taking action even through the fear.

  3. Hi there,

    I don’t have my boat yet!!!! I hope that my writing isn’t confusing. I am in the boat shopping phase and anticipate having one within three weeks to three months. That was hypothetical situation. When my ship finds me I will absolutely blog about it. I am going to look at a boat today so, fingers crossed!

    Cheers, thanks for the encouragement.