“Can you see the way there? If you can see the path there, get going. If not, get busy with something else.”Comfortably living aboardI visualize it in 3D, actual life, real time. I visualize it on paper, with stick figures, cartoon sails, a narrow drawing of a canal. I see the end of the season and finding some way to make money over winter  for the next, which will be the entrance to another waterway. It’s not about the money. Sure, I worry a little I might run out of money, then what? But it’s not about the money. There’s always more of that.
Road map to successMy entire life, every idea I’ve ever had, people will say “I’m afraid if you do X, Y or Z (i.e. something different than their way) you’re going to fail.” They don’t realize though, quitting is not an option. I can’t quit my life. This isn’t a sport. This isn’t a vacation. This isn’t some model fucking airplane I’m building. It’s a lifestyle. A long-term, sustainable, lifestyle.Quit yer jobHell, you know how they ask your “5-year plan” at a job interview? Well, I never had one—until now.



  1. It’s just like that. Boom.

  2. Emily, you are already successful in your endeavor, and you are on the journey of a truly great and fulfilling life. You are an inspiration to those of us who have many years more on this beautiful Planet Earth than do you, and you have my thanks. Love reading your dreams, thoughts, plans, . . . and successes. Congrats on the Bristol! (and thanks for your spot-on feedback about a certain Bristol 27, which led to another Bristol 27.)

  3. I just bought a 1976 Bristol 24. I say we strap them together and make a catamaran! I have a trailer for mine…. you just tell me where to meet ya! 🙂

    This is my 4th sailboat in 7 years… #addicted, and smallest one I have had.

    • Dang! Twins. What’s her hull #

      • 614 ! . Shes a great boat but the interior is trashed. Need to replace the Vberth / Bulkhead / Galley … BUT motor (8hp yam) is good, cushions arent bad, even has a doger, sails are good and has a roller furler. Its on a trailer at the house so shouldnt take long to get her back to perfect condition. I think I am going to add an enclosed head on the port side up agaisnt the bulkhead.

        • Got your work cut out for your, mate. If you have the right skills a project boat ain’t nothing. I needed something a little more together and lean towards outfitting rather than refitting, based on my skill level. Still a lot to be done to my boat but all major things are in working order!

  4. Unlike your other commentators I have no idea about Bristols (other than that Bristol is a fun place and “Bristols” is cockney rhyming slang for boobs – Bristol Cities, titties). But I look forward to meeting up for a boat based Atlantic ukulele jam some time in the far flung adventuring future. x