Landlubber I have this new friend who isn’t a sailor. Far from it in fact. He told me that his biggest fear is being in the middle of the ocean on a boat. Alone.

That’s basically my biggest dream.

When I told him that I had so much to do in order to prepare for moving onto my boat in three weeks and he asked me, “Like what?” There was really only one way to answer.

“Imagine you’re moving into a fixer upper rustic cabin somewhere pretty remote so you need to be prepared with all the right tools and materials upon arrival,” I said.

“Only this cabin can sink.”


  1. Likewise when you tell someone you’d like to do the Atlantic rowing race!

  2. It is NOT a small world to a man who chases his hat on a windy day.
    Apropos of nothing. Forgive me, it’s my favorite saying, and yet there are so few opportunities to work it into conversation or correspondence. I thought I might crowbar it in here. Can’t wait till your in the great white north, livin’ the dream.
    Too much tension with the apprehension.
    Your biggest supporter (dimensionally and spiritually)

    • Can’t wait either. The anticipation is killing me. As the great man Don Draper said, “Our worst fears lie in anticipation.”