Log Book: Day 2


Met sailor Jon from the Catalina 25. He’s been sailing for forty years. He helped me rig up the main sail. I think that he thinks I know nothing, but that’s okay because I absorbed everything and wound up rigging it by myself. He gave me a shackle for my furler. He’s bringing me a 3.5 inch hole saw to install my manual bilge pump, which is excellent. He also made fiberglassing sound easy, and I’m a little less intimidated to glass in the block on the starboard chainplate.


Gina basically prepped the whole bottom. I have weak arms and am not flexible. She’s a strong yogi. It was a good job for her. We took freezing hose showers after being covered in what was probably illegal and definitely toxic paint dust.


Quinoa and veggies for dinner. She’s still surprised I can cook. I guess it’s been a while since we were roommates in college. Raising the sail in the boatyard was bizarre. It felt like we’d just take off flying into space.



  1. Before you launch the boat, be sure to learn how to change the gear oil and impeller on your outboard. You might consider a harness for it like the one I got, so that you can use the main halyard to haul the outboard into the cockpit in case you need to work on it while under way.

  2. Very sharp paint job! Will look forward to pictures of the launch. And fiberglassing isn’t so bad. The hard part is getting it to look professionally done.

    • Traditional red always looks good. And it looks good from here because you can’t see up close! Yeah, the glass job is pretty hidden….here I go gathering the supplies and then setting to it!! Hopefully will be done in the next few days.

  3. This is getting exciting. I am happy to see you making good progress to splash time!

  4. How wonderful!! Your paint job looks great! Good on you Emily… Bill and I are very excited you have your own boat now. A lifetime of fun is before you.

  5. We are now in Honolulu and this is our first landfall since completing our circumnavigation. We leave for Canada at the end of the month where we will really celebrate our circumnavigation in high style. Yippee!!

    • Wow!!!!!!!! That is seriously incredible I’m so glad I got to meet you and Bill and that you are interested in me and my little sailing journey. I don’t know what to say that’s proper but I do think congratulations are in order! What an accomplishment, and the amount of life lived within all those sea miles. Inspiring. I’m proud to personally know two circumnavigators. Yeeehhawwww. Fair winds back to BC.