We’re Out Here

April 26, 2019

The swells are mesmerizing. The sea is quenching my thirst despite not being able to drink one literal drop. I keep thinking about that quote. How we are 98 percent water and salt, or some number like that. So when you return to the ocean you are, essentially, returning home.

I feel an immense privilege just to be out here, because who the fuck am I? I’m just a girl from a small town on Long Island. I went to a state college in upstate New York. I’m an unemployed journalist.

Leaving the inlet today every captain of every boat that passed me was a man. Their crews were all men. Their boats cost tens of thousands of dollars.

I’m not supposed to be out here.

A girl, alone, on an inexpensive little boat.

And that in and of itself is a protest.

Entering the Cape Fear River, N.C.


  1. You are a badass! Keep living the dream, for every one of us. Hope to see you out on the big blue soon!!

    • Of course you’re supposed to be “Out Here”….. who says otherwise?
      Once we all start treating each other like nonbinary human beings and take inspiration from the one’s not following the crowd…. sail on! And follow your bliss!